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Dr. Mania on Wellness

"Crazy March?" Healthy March!

Date: March 9, 2016 | Time: 12:44pm | Posted By: carmel-ann mania

When I was in school we often characterized this month as "Crazy March". Mostly, we were referring to the often eccentric and changeable weather. But, as we look at the changes that occur in this end-of-winter and beginning-of-spring time, it seems that more than the weather is a bit changeable. There are spring breaks from school, tax preparation, garden planning and time changes that can stress us. Passover, Lent and Easter remind us to reflect on our spiritual health and our family relationships. The increased light and warmer temperatures urge us to get out and about (but bring your jacket and gloves just in case). In eastern medicine traditions, we are reminded to take special care of the liver and kidneys as they clear out old "stuff' from our semi-hibernation.
So perhaps doing all these things might make things a little "crazy", don't you think? I want to suggest that you can level out the playing field with a little attention to your own health by getting a Spring tune-up adjustment. Replace that sleeping pillow that's been around for years, upgrade your orthotics for the coming season, check with me for a new stretch routine or to re-invigorate you exercise program! The staff and I are here to help and all you have to do is call!
We have morning, afternoon, evening and Saturday appointments available for both established and new patients. Just give us a call at 201-525-0707 and we shall find a convenient time. My staff and I are always ready to help you achieve the best of health, so call today to get started!
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Happy Healthy Valentine!

Date: February 11, 2016 | Time: 12:52pm | Posted By: carmel-ann mania

February 14, 2016Dear Friends,

Happy St. Valentine's Day! This week and this month we seem to celebrate the gift of Love. Many of us have allowed this word to be co-opted by a"romantic" love concept that seems to exclude the many other loves that exist. What about the love bond between parent and child? Best friends? Spiritual love? Love between siblings, for grandparents -- aunts, uncles, cousins? Of course, there is love for those romantic partners that may last a few moments or a lifetime!
But how about loving yourself which is where we all should start? St. Valentine is partly known for the letters of encouragement he wrote to other prisoners, as well as, for encouraging people to get married and form families. His famous last letter was signed,"your Valentine".

Did you know that feeling loved helps our nervous system and immune system to function at the highest level? We fight off infection, recover faster from injury or illness, sleep better, and stay healthier when we have warm, loving relationships with family or friends. That doesn't mean that we must be married, or must have 20 siblings, or that we need 100 "close" friends to feel loved. We can start by caring for ourselves and loving that each of us is a miracle! Then, we can begin to love and appreciate those around us --family of every relationship, spouses, friends and acquaintances-- to reap the very real benefits of love in our lives.
We in our office love to help you achieve the highest level of health, wellness and vitality! We DO love our patients and express that love by offering you the best we can in Chiropractic care to support your optimum life. Love yourself with a Chiropractic adjustment, a new pillow, a commitment to care for yourself and your health today!
Happy St. Valentine's Day and much love from your Healthy Valentine,
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Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day!

Date: September 18, 2014 | Time: 9:18am | Posted By: carmel-ann mania

Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day! September 18, 1895 saw the very first Chiropractic adjustment administered by Daniel David (DD) Palmer to Harvey Lillard at Davenport, Iowa. A fundamental change in the way we view health occurred on the third floor of the Ryan Building when a man who was deaf for 17 years arose from a flat table to hear the wagons in the street below. Within 3 days, Mr. Lillard could hear the ticking of a watch!
In the 119 years that followed, countless sick people became well and many more healthy people stayed that way because my ancestors and I were blessed enough to share in the miracle of the full expression of Life energy. A well functioning nervous system translates into a healthy person. How simple is that?
I am grateful for the opportunity to participate in this wonderful thing called Chiropractic. I am grateful to the Palmers (DD, BJ, Mabel and Dave) for discovering and nurturing and expanding Chiropractic. I am grateful to Doctors Kendall, Cirino, Price, Strang, Kent, Bahan, Himes, McMullin, Johnson, Schrier, Baker, Van Rumpt and many others for nurturing my understanding of a nervous system free of interference. And I am grateful to my family, my patients and my colleagues for giving me the opportunity to share Chiropractic and my abilities with all of you.
My wish for all of us is to enjoy today and every day in the joyful expression of health in body, mind and spirit! Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day and many more! I'd like to share a photo of my ancestors in Chiropractic (if not in DNA) taken around 1902 in honor of this anniversary. I hope you enjoy the look back.
Dr. Carmel-Ann Mania
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Feeling like a million bucks

Date: May 9, 2014 | Time: 3:49pm | Posted By: carmel-ann mania

When was the last time you felt like "a Million bucks"? Can you even remember feeling that way? I wrote you a little poem to tell you why...

If your spine is subluxated,
if your allergies are aggravated,
if you know you shouldn't have waited -- you NEED to come get adjusted!
If your tires deflated,
if your lawn just got spaded,
if exhaustion just seems 'fated"-- you NEED to come get adjusted!

I don't know how people live if they don't get their spines adjusted. When I think of the miracles that happen in each of us every moment of every day and the interferences that are caused by exposure to toxins, stress and fatigue, it makes me subluxated just thinking about it!

I am proud that it has been my life's work to help the world get it's "stuff" together by eliminating interference to the nervous system. Helping people live optimal lives is something worth doing. If I can help you live your optimum life, it would be my privilege!

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The First Day

Date: March 4, 2014 | Time: 5:13pm | Posted By: carmel-ann mania

The First Day

This is the first "official" blog entry from me on the site. I suppose that this is a sign that I actually am present in the 21st Century and not just visiting. Chiropractic was born in the 19th century and developed in the 20th, but I am certain that it and I will find an great expansion in this one.

What does it mean to be the "first" day? Well, we have lots of firsts in our lives...I can remember my first day of kindergarten, of high school, of Palmer Chiropractic College. I can remember my first day in the clinic caring for patients. I can remember my first days as a mother, as a wife, as a step-mother and a mother-in-law. I remember my first day of teaching. I also remember the first day I had no mother or father. Each first is important whether it is a sad first or a happy first or just a "first first". I see each of the firsts I mention here as opportunities to expand one's life -- one's horizons -- one's being.

I hope that you see your first day under Chiropractic care as your opportunity to expand your life, your health, and your relationship to others. I hope that this first blog and the others to come will offer you the opportunity to expand your understanding of how truly marvelous we all are!

All the best wishes for you and your health on this first day and everyday!
Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.
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