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September 10, 2019

Dear Friends,

I am always very reflective in September. I don't really know why. Perhaps it is the memories of going back to school, or that so many of my friends and family have birthdays in this month. I married my husband John in September. And, of course, September 18th is Chiropractic Founder's Day!

It may not seem like that's a big deal to you but, it is a life changing day for many millions of people! When D. D. Palmer (magnetic healer, teacher, writer, horticulturist, inventor and entrepreneur) gave that first Chiropractic adjustment to Harvey Lillard, the likelihood of achieving optimal health through natural alignment of form and function rose by leaps and bounds! We call it "Founder's Day" to honor Dr. Palmer, his son and daughter-in-law, and his grandson. But really, we honor those patients who took their health into their own hands and let chiropractors work with them to get free expression of life force through the spine and nervous system!

Congratulations and Happy Chiropractic Founder's Day to the most important Chiropractic patients in the world, i.e., mine! We can celebrate together with a gentle, intuitive and thorough adjustment!

Office hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and  Friday 9 - 1 and 3 -6 and Saturdays 9 - 1. Call 201-525-0707 to make an appointment with Jolanta, Joan, or Debi.

All the best and we'll see you soon!

Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.


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» A Little Exercise, A Longer Life
» Chiropractic Care Beneficial For Disc Herniations
» Sleep Longer For A Healthier Brain
» Chiropractic Earworm Cure!
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URGENT! Help Stop Changes to Your Horizon Coverage!

Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield wants to outsource decisions for Chiropractic, Acupuncture, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Speech Therapy to ASHN. This company is notorious for shorting patients on needed care. You can stop this by contacting your local representative by email. Click on the link below and you will go directly to the representatives in your area. It does not matter if you do not have BCBS insurance. If the merger is successful, then ASHN will try to contract with other companies to gain financially at the expense of patients! We can stop this. Please email and share the link! Thank-you.

Contact your Local representative directly.  Warning

Author: Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.
Source: ANJC
Copyright: Dr, Mania 2019

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A Little Exercise, A Longer Life

Individuals partaking in even just a small amount of low-intensity exercise are significantly less likely to die prematurely than their sedentary counterparts, according to researchers.  The findings come from examining data from 10 previous studies of more than 36,000 older subjects.  The evidence is becoming more clear – stop moving, and the risk of death increases significantly.  Being sedentary 10 hours a day increased death during the close to 7-year study by 48%.  Those that pushed their sedentary lifestyle to 12 hours a day nearly tripled their risk of death during this time frame.  The good news is that researchers found that literally any level of physical activity level was beneficial.  Thus, you don’t need to run a marathon or even run to reap the benefits.  Simply get up, get out and just move!

Source: BMJ 2019;366:l5051
Copyright: LLC 2019

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Chiropractic Care Beneficial For Disc Herniations

A recently published study has found chiropractic spinal manipulation provides beneficial effects for individuals with painful disc herniations. The study included 148 patients suffering from acute and chronic low back pain and leg pain with visible lumbar (lower back) disc herniations as seen on MRI. Patients were treated with chiropractic spinal manipulation - the most common treatment provided by chiropractors. Researchers reported significant improvements for all outcomes at all points of follow-up. At the 3 month mark, approximately 91% of patients were "improved" with 88% "improved" at the 1 year mark. Although acute patients improved faster by 3 months, 82% of chronic patients reported "improvement" with 89% "improved" at 1 year. Importantly, there were no adverse events reported from receiving their chiropractic care. If you are suffering from back pain, leg pain and/or have a known disc herniation, contact your local chiropractor for a consultation today.

Source: JMPT. Volume 37, Issue 3, March 2014.
Copyright: LLC 2014

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Sleep Longer For A Healthier Brain

Numerous sleep studies have been conducted to determine how sleep affects the human body and overall health. However, no studies have specifically looked into how sleep affects the brain in aging adults. In efforts to answer this question, Chinese researchers reviewed MRI scans, health questionnaires and cognitive tests on 66 Chinese adults over the age of 55. They then repeated this 2 years later and compared the data. Their findings indicate that those who slept less had more age-related brain shrinkage and an increased decline in cognitive performance. Sleep plays a crucial role in cellular repair and memory consolidation. Lack sleep and you’ll starve your body’s ability to heal, repair and regenerate. Researchers offered the following tips to those who struggle with adequate sleep - Avoid napping during the day, keep your bedroom dark and quiet, have a comfortable mattress, avoid alcohol and cigarettes, and avoid activities that excite your brain and body close to bedtime.

Source: Sleep. July 1, 2014.
Copyright: LLC 2014

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Chiropractic Earworm Cure!

Remember the "It's a Small World" song? How about "Baby Shark" (do-do-di-do-didoo!)? Or, "100 Bottles of"...well you know where that goes. When something gets into your head and circles around and around, it is called an earworm. But an earworm doesn't have to be a mildly annoying toddler song. Sometimes it's, "I gotta call the Chiropractor".

Do you have the "got to call the Chiropractor" earworm? Have you been just that busy that you are ignoring the morning "acheys" or the evening "owwies"? Got to call the Chiropractor. Was that business trip or visit to Aunt Millie's (with the crummy bed) responsible for that tightness in your lower back and the just a little bit stuck neck? Got to call the Chiropractor. Is the constant computer work or internet surfing making you irritable and tired? Got to call the Chiropractor.  Have you had too much laundry or grocery schlepping? Got to call the Chiropractor. Sick of the trek to school/work and back? Got to call the Chiropractor.

There is an easy fix to the earworm problem. Call the Chiropractor and she will fix the acheys, the owwies, the tighties, the stuckies, and the crankies! Or at least sing "Baby Shark" for you (that's a joke). For a happier body, call the Chiropractor!

Office hours are Tuesday, Thursday, and  Friday 9 - 1 and 3 -6 and Saturdays 9 - 1. Call 201-525-0707 to make an appointment with Jolanta, Joan, or Debi.

Author: Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C.
Source: GFCC
Copyright: Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C. 2019

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Rate us on Social Media

Are you the type of person that posts on social media a couple of times a day? The one who tells your friends about the new bagel shop you found, or the best place for brunch? Do you share those great things that "just happened"?

So, then, how do you tell someone where to go to get gentle, experienced, compassionate Chiropractic care? How do you help someone find a way to great health, overcome ignorance or fear? How can you support our wellness practice? Why not rate us on Yelp and Google? I'd like to leave it to those of you who are web-savvy to help other needy people find the way to our office and to live a healthier life. There are buttons on our website to rate us from your phone or online.

The website is very mobile friendly and office hours, phone and directions are easy to find. Email me with suggestions for the site. Do you or a friend have a question about what Chiropractic can do for you? Check out the website and give us a call...I'll gladly arrange a few minutes to answer a question about a problem. Thanks for your support!

Author: Dr. Mania
Source: self
Copyright: Carmel-Ann Mania, D.C. 2017

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