Nutrition Consultations with Jane McNeil by SkypeDr. Jane McNeil

Jane McNeil, CN, CH is a Foundational Nutritionist. A graduate of American Health Sciences and American Herbal Institute,she has taught doctors and other healthcare professionals about nutrition for over 10 years. As a service to our wonderful patients, Jane will be available via Skype to consult with you.

Initial consultation includes a one hour session with a:

  • Body Assessment tool,
  • In-depth Nutritional exam,
  • Yeast Questionnaire,
  • Individualized Diet and Lifestyle recommendations
  • Counseling on individual stressors and behaviors
  • PLUS e-mail access to your nutritionist!

Jane will be seeing new and existing clients via Skype! First consulations are about 90 minutes; follow up appointments about 60 minutes. Appointments are required. You canspeak with Dr. Mania for more information or contact Jane directly at 704-907-0008. To hear audio recordings of her teleseminars on Flu, Allergies or De-Tox, check out Jane's website:

Jane McNeil, CN, CH

Jane specializes in

  • Weight Loss Management
  • Adrenal, Ovary, Thyroid, Pituitary and general Hormonal support
  • Stress Management
  • Digestive issue management
  • Sugar handling
  • Fertility

Check your nutritional deficiencies today before they affect your health tomorrow!

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(707) 907-0008